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King Fut Family

Meet the King Fut Family

Below are profiles of some of the many who have contributed to growing into one of the fastest growing Egyptian football websites with thought-provoking and professional coverage for the English speaking community worldwide.

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Adam Moustafa (@egyKF)


Co-Founder, Chief Technology & Content Officer


Goal with King Fut is to scout and promote Egyptian talent – both local and abroad – who don’t receive the credit and coverage they deserve. Graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering and have previously on BBC World Service, 5 Live, Chelsea TV & more.

Mohamed Seif (@MohSeif)




A Cairo-based journalist with over 5 years of experience in sports journalism. Working previously in international, a Sports Editor of READ Newspaper, doing TV punditry and freelancing in various blogs and publications. He’ll be bringing all this experience to King Fut.

Moustafa El Chiati (@MoustafaFC)




A rabid life-long fan of all things Egyptian and international football. Moustafa’s passion and dedication to the cause spans close to three decades of profound interest in monitoring the developments of the Egyptian football scene from the perspective of an Egyptian football loyalist at heart with a critical discerning eye of an international football observer. He has previously contributed articles to various blogs such as A Football Report, Lovely Left Foot and more. Moustafa is also also a long-suffering, beleaguered fantasy football manager who, never walks alone. YNWA.



Ahmad Yousef (@EgyptianPlayers)


Pharaohs Abroad Reporter & News Editor


A proud Egyptian football fanatic who started playing football at a young age and was scouted for Ipswich Town. A hardcore Tottenham Hotspur fan and Zamalek supporter by blood, Ahmad mainly follows European football involving Egyptian players and the Egyptian national team. Ahmad’s love for Egyptian players abroad is what initially spurred him into writing. He now writes regularly and is also an editor at

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Ahmed Assem (@CalcioTown)


Local Scene Reporter & News Editor


Manchester United and fan for as long as I remember. World football enthusiast who loves nothing more in life than calcio. In fact, I’d rather watch Serie C than turn on the Premier League, so you can probably imagine my love and obsession with Italian Football. “Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest… and watch Serie A”. Extremely fervid about Egyptian football as well. I’ll always lament Egyptians who don’t watch the domestic league, because being a passionate Ahlawy or an ardent Zamalkawy is a must for any Cairene. Very proud to be a News Editor at KingFut.

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Hosam El-Aker (@hasasimo)


NT Correspondent & Columnist and Forum Coordinator


Hosam El-Aker has been passionately covering Egyptian football in English since the late 1990s. He’s written for a number of online portals, some now extinct, including Egyptian Soccer, Bleacher Report, Internet Soccer (now TEAMtalk), Arabia, Go Pharaohs and more. He also founded and managed the official website of Ahmed Hossam “Mido” – – from 2002 – 2005. Hosam played goalkeeper and striker for his high school and junior college teams and graduated from West Virginia University with a B.Sc. in Journalism.

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Marwan Ahmed (@Marwan_KF)


Operations & Social Media Manager


Co-editor and Social Media Manager at Degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology from the German University in Cairo. Manchester United blogger.

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Mohamed Al-Hendy (@Mo_Hendy)


Features Editor


A Vanderbilt University graduate and lover of all things football. Started freelance writing for Bleacher Report Soccer, and after making a name there, has gone on to write for King Fut, SWOL (Soccer Without Limits), Squawka Football and others. Has been featured on the BBC, discussing the 2012 Olympic tournament. Like most Egyptians, he gets his love for soccer from his dad, and would play soccer everyday if he could.
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Omar Khairallah (@LFCheif)


Local Scene Reporter & Sub-Editor


Fallen in love with the beautiful game since the famous Michael Owen goal in 1998 against Argentina. Even though he’s a son of a Zamalek fanatic, he decided to rebel against the Whites and has since become madly in love with Al-Ahly. Omar is a very big fan of youth football; he closely follows and monitors plenty of young prodigies who he feels are destined for worldwide fame. He’s also a massive fan of the tactical side of the game, and the ‘water carriers’ of each team. Although never playing football at a professional level, Khairallah dreams of being an international manager for a top club, maybe follow suit as Jose Mourinho. YNWA.

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Omar Niyazi (@OmarNiyazi)


Pharaohs Abroad Reporter & Sub-Editor


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Abdul Musa (@PepJunior1)




A Sudanese football fanatic living in England. Passionate Al Hilal Omdurman and Manchester United supporter who closely follows football across Europe and Africa and writes for various websites including KingFut. African footballing aficionado, Pep Guardiola enthusiast, currently studying BSc Chemistry at University.

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Adam Gray (@AdamGray1250)




A football blogger with a passion for the English lower-leagues and the production of young players. I have been interested in the progression of Sam Morsy, who qualifies to play for Egypt through his father, since his emergence at Port Vale and I will be monitoring the next chapter of his career at Chesterfield for the good folk at Hoping you enjoy..

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Alexandre Queirós (@alexqueiros)


Portuguese Correspondent


A Portuguese sports enthusiast, with particular focus African, Portuguese and Oceanic football. He will be following the exploits of the Egyptian players plying their trade in Portugal for and also covers the rest of African football for other websites. He also proudly sates that he has been on the BBC World Service radio, even though he only said one sentence.

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Habib El Magrissy (@biboelm)


Featured Columnist


An Egyptian sports fan who splits his time between Boston and Cairo. A Tottenham Hotspur and Al Ahly supporter, he closely follows European football and the Egyptian national team. He is also a licensed youth soccer coach in the state of Massachusetts. His other interests include basketball, tennis, and volleyball.

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Malak Hassouna (@Schurrlette)


Pharaohs Abroad Reporter

Malak Hassouna is a French Baccalaureate student who was born and still lives in Cairo. She started playing volleyball at the age of 8 as a libero at the Shooting Club in Cairo. A hardcore Chelsea and Al-Ahly fan, also a Roger Federer worshiper. She writes for various websites and blogs including KingFut, Chelseafc360 and Vavel UK.

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Mohamed Farouk (@Faroukk_)


Local Scene Reporter & Special Projects


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Mohaned Ghanem (@mmghanem_)


Contributor & Graphics Designer


A student at the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, pursuing a career in physical therapy. Avid supporter of all things Egypt, especially Al Ahly. Gooner.

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Omar Zoheir (@omarzoheir)


Local Scene Reporter


Always been passionate about my football. Even though I’m half Dutch, I don’t support any team from the Netherlands, nor do I support any European team, I am simply a Zamalek fanatic. Although, I constantly follow the UEFA Champions League and English Premier League. Aside from watching football, I can be found either playing the sport or writing about it on

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Ziad Ibrahim (@Z1z0_)


Pharaohs Abroad Reporter


Ziad Ibrahim is a young Egyptian footballer who is also eligible to represent Palestine and Lebanon internationally. Ziad is a fanatic football fan since 1998 and has been playing football since the age of 6 (2001). He started at Al-Ahly’s football academy then moved to Al-Shams followed by Al-Tayaran. Ziad is an ambitious footballer who believes that he’ll be playing in a European club in the coming years.

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