EXCLUSIVE | NFF vice-president: Egypt is of no match to Nigeria

Shehu Dikko
Football Federation vice-president speaks to KingFut following the Super Eagles’ draw against in Kaduna.

Nigeria took on Egypt in the first of a crucial back-to-back double header to determine who’ll lead the group and qualify to the Africa Cup of Nations. Following Chad forfeiting from the qualifiers, it has now been confirmed that only one country from the group can qualify, with the Pharaohs leading the group with four points, Nigeria with two and with one.

Egypt host the Super Eagles tomorrow at Borg El-Arab stadium. Regarding the team’s preparations, Dikko told KingFut: “Well, our preparations are top notch and the NFF is doing whatever possible to ensure we get the right results in the two matches with the minimum objective to take at least 4 points from the 6 points available.

Nigeria had conceded an injury-time equaliser against Egypt, much to the dismay of Super Eagles officials and players alike.

“You will agree with me that with the first game concluded, Egypt were extremely lucky and fortunate to have got a share of the point instead of the thrashing we deserved to give them based on the balance of play and the chances we created in Kaduna,” Dikko remarked.

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“Egypt were simply no match to Nigeria and in fact had to rely on an unethical way to get the equaliser in injury-time by refusing to give a fair play back to Nigeria when indeed it’s our keeper that put the ball out of play due an injury to our defender,” Dikko boldly exclaimed.

“This clearly is not the right way to play football as fair play is fair play and it’s simply not a good example by Egypt to do that as it negates all the principles of football and shows the fear of Egypt towards the game with Nigeria. Egypt couldn’t get to break the Nigerian defence for 90 minutes, until they decided to disregard fair play in injury-time and thus took our defenders out of position since everyone was waiting on the fair play.

“But that is not a problem, as we are confident we will get our points back in the second leg in Alexandria by defeating Egypt and thus taking control of the group. Our players are ready and well prepared and indeed history is on our side to achieve this and simply Egypt is no match to us,” Dikko concluded.

The Pharaohs go head-to-head on Tuesday in Alexandria at 19:00 CLT.

  1. Sherif Fahmy

    March 28, 2016 at 11:19 PM

    WHERE WAS THE INJURED PLAYER? you had 8 players against ramadan sobhi and mohamed salah and yet we scored, YOUR DEFENCE IS CRAP AND WE WILL KICK YOUR A*** JUST LIKE HOW WE WE ALWAYS HAND YOUR A***S TO THE GRAVES AND SOIL OF YOUR OWN AFRICA…you will never beat us in our country, just forget about it, bgad

    • Ayo

      March 29, 2016 at 1:00 AM

      90 mins will judge brother, keep ur low life attitude to your self and respect this platform pls.

  2. Ya Di An-Neela

    March 29, 2016 at 12:26 AM

    Tayib ya Zebyoun inta, why do you need to use racial slurs? Completely unnecessary.

    What kind of moderation is there if we can allow someone to say racist things, on a website that reflects Egypt?

    Egyptians will cry over some girl at the Oscars, but don’t think that talking like absolute imbeciles doesn’t reflect poorly on us? None of the religions in Egypt would condone such language and I hope the moderators can delete that comment that was unnecessary and also offensive to Egyptians who are Black.

  3. Ya Di An-Neela

    March 29, 2016 at 12:26 AM

    Your racist comments were unnecessary and they should be deleted.

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