Mohamed Farouk: I must be treated in a more respectful way

Mohamed Farouk Referee

discussed  and Maqassa controversial match which witnessed a number of events that forced the match to be stopped for eight minutes.

Farouk praised the actions of Zamalek’s president Mortada Mansour during the time the match was stopped and after the match ended to solve the problem.

“Mortada Mansour apologized to us. I would like to thank him for his kind act,” Farouk told LTC TV channel.

Zamalek fans who were present in the stadium were furious from the referee’s decisions and started cursing officials. Mohamed Farouk stopped the match for eight minutes and then resumed it, adding 14 minutes for stoppage time. “14 minutes of stoppage time is not a lot,” he added.

“I am not an amateur referee that gets affected by pressure and I should be treated in a more professional manner.”

He also talked about sending off Zamalek’s striker, Bassem Morsi, saying that this was the result of receiving a second yellow card and that the player did not act unprofessionally with him afterwards.

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