February 21, 2016

Ahmed Akram wins gold medal at SEC Championships

Ahmed Akram Champion

Photo: Gamecock Twitter Account

Egyptian swimmer won gold in the men’s 1650 freestyle final of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Championships, held at Columbia, Missouri.

Akram achieved gold with a 14:35.49, breaking his previous personal and university record by 11 seconds which was 14:46.50

The national team swimmer also recently won a silver medal in the men’s 500-yard freestyle final after finishing in the second position with a 4:13.48, less than two-tenths of a second after first placed Pawel Werner.

Ten SEC universities participate in the men’s competition. The former swimmer had finished fourth in the competition’s final last season.

Akram is currently training at the University of South Carolina. He is one of three swimmers who will represent in the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro after securing the second place in the 400-meter race in the Hungary International .

Akram also managed to finish in the fourth position in the 1500-meter final at the 2015 World Championship in Kazan.

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